First, there was a purpose…


$: I’m sure you’re probably wondering what this site is all about, right?

$: Well, I wanted to have a personal website where I can post cool (all of the) stuff (and small hacks) that I figured out.

The main Reason for this is that I have lots of artworks, music, etc. that I make but, I have no central location for this. As a result, it all ends up in different places; some of it goes on Github, some of it ends up on Soundcloud, and some of it on my Psykopaint gallery (unfortunately, flash-player only for now, click here to contribute if you want to change that). On top of that, a lot of other stuffs (yeah, you read that right, I said “stuffs”) just stays on my Hardrive and never gets shared. In the end, no one, not even myself knows what I have created. It was not so easy.

$: The problem was_ …

$: What to name the site?

$: Should I name it rocketinventor? emgerchak? elliotgerchak? gerchak?

$: What hosting should I use? Do I want to pay money? Can I really expect people to spell “Gerchak” or the correct spelling of “inventor”? Is it worth it to go with a free

$: “rocketinventor sounds like an odd website name, should I make it “inventor-of-rockets”? “rocket-inventor”? “rcket1nv3ntor”? “r0ck3t1nv3nt0r”? “***r0ck3t1nv3nt0r***”?

$: If so, how are people gonna get that right? How are they gonna know that I am not trying to hack them (or am I)?

$: Also, I was in school, with like three (hard, long) days left.

$: But, I held tight…

$: And I: though(“psyko!”) //Because I am crazy, you know!

$: But, I didn’t want to look like I was pretend part of Psykosoft, so I settled for…



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