Poem/rant on chemistry and Microsoft

Ions and isotopes are different in ways that this stupid piece of Microsoft can’t hope to comprehend

Ions have a different number of electrons and isotopes have a different number of protons

Microsoft Windows is different from UNIX which means Microsoft is BAD to an infinite power

When ions and isotopes bond they produce useful substances for the world

When you combine DOS and Microsoft you just get an abomination

There are many different kind of bonds which may include:

  • Ionic
  • Polar Covalent
  • Nonpolar Covalent

A nice way to bond molecules is via hydrogen bonding

That is –as long as they don’t bond to create a computer that runs Microsoft’s sad excuse of an operating system

Ions and isotopes are the building blocks of the universe.

Unlike UNIX, the accursed Microsoft Windows thinks that communicating with the computer via a CLI is unimportant

In conclusion, chemistry and UNIX is GOOD and Microsoft is BAD!