Brain not found (desktop wallpaper)

If you’re like me, you’re probably used to seeing boring, plain error pages like I am. Have you ever visited swiftkey’s 404 page? If you’re like most, probably not; time to be enlightened.

If you ever visit Swiftkey’s website, and click on a bad link like I did, you’ll be in for a nice surprise, really. In an odd mashup between retro-day pixel art, MS Windows BSOD glory, and modern 404 page fun, we have Swiftkey’s 404 page.

To spare you the time and trouble, I have screenshotted, and linked the awesome error code page below in full geek glory.

(Apologies in advance to any mobile readers who may have to zoom in to see the images.)

Swiftkey 404Source:

Pretty cool now, ain’t it?

I actually set that as my wallpaper for a short while. Then, I decidedly got more creative and made my own version based off of it.

It’s really quite simple, all I needed to do was open the chrome devtools and find a brain pixel art with a transparent background from google images. For good measure, I also added in a brain-pink top to bottom gradient, keeping the swiftkey blue. After messing around a little bit, this is what I got:
brain 404I don’t quite know why but, nearly everybody I showed this two (eventually myself, too) attempted to click the “Click here” button even though they knew it was just my wallpaper.

As a bonus, here’s the 404 page for github’s atom text editor:Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 12.03.17 AMSource:

So, what do you guy’s think? Should I update with more detailed instructions, or is it good as is? Let me know, in the comments below!


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