$_ My name is Elliot Gerchak, a.k.a. rocketinventor & emgerchak.

I play cello, and my main hobbies are creating art, music, and code on, and off of the computer.

I am the owner and main contributor of this website. However, there are other authors as well who also deserve credit. My hope is that this website dually can grow to be a personal portfolio for myself and also a collaborative blog with different and interesting how-to’s, poems, demos, etc.

For a list of my projects, click here.

Please note: I have no affiliation with Team Demented Labs, they just sort of retroactively stole our sitename… Or, it was a coincidence and they just didn’t show up at all the first time I searched up the name, so, yeah.

This site is very much a work in progress. You can find out more about why I created it, as well as my goals here.

Social Media:

  • Twitter – I didn’t used to use it much in the past but, I am starting to use it more and more often and I think it’s worth following. If you like my site at all, you should probably follow it. Feel free to DM me, too.
  • Snapchat – Clicking this link on your phone should add me on Snapchat for you. If not, you can scan the snapcode, or copy and paste the username from the page. Please don’t make me regret sharing that link.
  • Soundcloud – I have 4+ 8+ and counting tracks that I uploaded and a few playlist that I curated including piano study music and a playlist with exactly 500 dubstep-classical crossover tracks. I also have a few more dusty tracks sitting around that I haven’t uploaded yet plus even more that I’m working on. I have a lot of new music and ideas planned. You should definitely take a listen and follow me!
  • Psykopaint – This is the main place that I post my artwork (all made with the app itself). Unfortunately, it requires flash player to view so you’ll probably need to use a desktop but, I’m working on fixing that. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post about that.)
  • Google Plus – Go ahead, follow me, see if I care. JK. I don’t post much content there anymore but, If I think your posts are somewhat interesting, I’ll probably follow you.

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