Brain not found (desktop wallpaper)

If you’re like me, you’re probably used to seeing boring, plain error pages like I am. Have you ever visited swiftkey’s 404 page? If you’re like most, probably not; time to be enlightened.

If you ever visit Swiftkey’s website, and click on a bad link like I did, you’ll be in for a nice surprise, really. In an odd mashup between retro-day pixel art, MS Windows BSOD glory, and modern 404 page fun, we have Swiftkey’s 404 page.

To spare you the time and trouble, I have screenshotted, and linked the awesome error code page below in full geek glory.

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Warped towers (pop-art created with Polarr) [Updated]

I wanted to tell you guys about a cool app called Polarr.

Polarr is a cross-platform offline chrome app but, you can also access it online and in addition, they have an iOS app. Polarr is really great app for photo-editing –Except, editing actual photos is the least of what I use it for. You can make some really neat creations with it and, to help you out, I will guide you through a few neat Eiffel Tower related effects that I made.
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