Featured Open Source Contributions

YouTube Article View


This web app will let you view any YouTube article in an easy to read article view. Works with any language, as long as there are closed captions on the video. Also works as a basic, non-distracting YouTube client written in Vanilla JS. When no video is displayed, a custom, YouTube generated list of quality “articles”that you can read instantly. Fully responsive layout with support for all screen sizes. Try it out here.

JavaScript Port: System-Bus-Radio


I help maintain the JavaScript version of this popular library that allows for a computer to transmit AM radio waves over an air gap, without any radio hardware by abusing the hardware calls. If you are currently viewing this site on a Macbook, you should be able to hear “Mary had a little lamb” on your AM radio (at 9999 hz) by clicking here.

HTML 5 Psykopaint Gallery


The current Psykopaint gallery is flash only. Due to this, it does not work on a large array of devices (including smartphones). In order to solve this, I set out to recreate the flash based gallery in HTML 5. The new gallery works great on tablets and is currently view-only but, fully functional. The background images from the original gallery are not readily available (getting them would require an NDA) so I did my best to extract them by hand. The project even includes a home-brewed JS library for interacting with the unofficial API. Click here to try it out.