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RIP Seene (what it was, and how to backup your data)

Screenshot of picture viewer
Seene is shutting down

Almost three years after its inception, the beloved 3d photo app, Seene is coming to a close. Built around Obvious Engineering’s world-class computer vision technologies, Seene has never been far from groundbreaking.

Seene launched in the Appstore in 2013, and despite having millions of downloads and getting rated as one of best apps of the year by TechCrunch, it will be shut down by late August of this year after seemingly getting acquired by Snapchat. Nonetheless, you still have a chance to backup and export your data as long as you act before August 25. Even though they are shutting down, you can still explore the gallery online, or on your phone right now. The app has been removed from the Appstore and the Android app is still up on the Play Store but, it is going to be removed soon.

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Startups: Use Endin to get the best Minutestr

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to end things yourself if you want it done responsibly; now you can have it done for you. Introducing Endin, “the world’s first responsible end”.

If you ever need to end something but don’t know how, or don’t have the time to end it, worry no more, you now have Endin to do it for you. It’s “the end you’ve been waiting for”. Continue reading

Brain not found (desktop wallpaper)

If you’re like me, you’re probably used to seeing boring, plain error pages like I am. Have you ever visited swiftkey’s 404 page? If you’re like most, probably not; time to be enlightened.

If you ever visit Swiftkey’s website, and click on a bad link like I did, you’ll be in for a nice surprise, really. In an odd mashup between retro-day pixel art, MS Windows BSOD glory, and modern 404 page fun, we have Swiftkey’s 404 page.

To spare you the time and trouble, I have screenshotted, and linked the awesome error code page below in full geek glory.

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Warped towers (pop-art created with Polarr) [Updated]

I wanted to tell you guys about a cool app called Polarr.

Polarr is a cross-platform offline chrome app but, you can also access it online and in addition, they have an iOS app. Polarr is really great app for photo-editing –Except, editing actual photos is the least of what I use it for. You can make some really neat creations with it and, to help you out, I will guide you through a few neat Eiffel Tower related effects that I made.
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Poem/rant on chemistry and Microsoft

Ions and isotopes are different in ways that this stupid piece of Microsoft can’t hope to comprehend

Ions have a different number of electrons and isotopes have a different number of protons

Microsoft Windows is different from UNIX which means Microsoft is BAD to an infinite power

When ions and isotopes bond they produce useful substances for the world

When you combine DOS and Microsoft you just get Continue reading